📢 🤝 Great Brains NFT <> Rove

About Great Brains NFT

  • A Great Brains Metaversity (Web3 University) in Rove.
  • Staking, Tokeonomics system that will give holders accounts in savings, investing, and spending.
  • Free airdrop of Test Tube for Brainer DAO.
  • Special AMAs dedicated to Web3.
  • Reopening of mint.
  • Charity donations that stay continuous.
  • P2E game Finding Hash.
  • Future adding of Woman Brainer collection and later Baby Brainer collection that will be later turned into a P2E game, Test Tubes will be involved.
  • When 10k supply is hit, real-life land purchase for a future Brainer Summer Camp.

About Rove



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