#052622 — Rove weekly update

📊Recent development


1/ 🔭 The new metaverses: rove.to/metaverses

  • A community can build its exclusive metaverse.
  • Community members can join their own metaverse.
  • And together enjoy plenty of cool activities on Rove
A list of metaverses -> the multi-metaverses
A physical rock -> a living land in the metaverse
Click on the icon “Trending” on the top right of your home. Pick one and enjoy the journey.
Find the “Setting” in the hamburger menu in your top right corner.

Grow efforts

🚀 Warena <> Rove partnership announcement

📈Upcoming development


1/ 🛸 Space-time travels — Release Thursday with the alpha version next week.

  • Improve upload of local art
  • Improve change old art.
  • Get NFTs from the owner’s NFTs address.
  • Get NFTs from trending NFTs address.
  • Manage Wallet Address
  • User profile
  • Rock setting
  • Bug fixings


A library of various homes, galleries, and unknown places are in process. You may lucky enough if you rove around and see some of them are being published into the metaverse.


We have seen a lack of communication through Discord. This is expected as we were focusing on re-defining our direction and would like to keep the conversation clean until then. Within the next few weeks, Joana — our lil girl will conduct more activities to expand our community both vertically and horizontally.



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